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Exam Time Table

Flashing Messages

Somya Agrawal D/O Mr. Sunil Agrawal
3rd Rank In School 88.2%
(NEET Rank 11989)

Notice Board

Dear Parents
PTM will be held on Monday (29/10/2018) from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Classes will be dispersed at 10:00am on Monday (29/10/2018).
Thank You

Holiday Notice

Dear Parents

This is to inform you that Wednesday (23/11/2018) will be a holiday on account of Guru Nanak Jayanti.



Dear Parents, This is to inform you that, if your ward does not appear in all the examination and submit their projects and assignment in time, then he/she will fail in the respective subject. Please pay attention to this and send your ward to school for appearing in all the examinations. Every student should attend the class regularly. If their attendance becomes less than 75% then he/she cannot appear in the final exam. Students, who absent themselves more than 5 days in a month without any medical certificate, will be fined Rs. 100 per day of absence.

PTA Meetings


Today on sat 11Aug Janmastami is celebrated in the school through various competitions. There were 3 competitions were organization house-wise .First of all fancy dress competition was held. The theme of the competition was related to Janmasthmi .Apart from fancy dress comp. Patriotic group song competition was organist ion. The group song competition was also exercised house wise Jal House secured first rank followed by Vayu house and Prithvi House. There were another competition named as scene creation. The theme of the competition was based on Janmathmi. Due to some reasons Jal house didn’t participate in this competition Vayu House secured first place in scene creation where as Prithvi house & Agni house got 2nd and 3rd rank vice-versa. The activities were organized at auditorium and participants had decorated sceneries in creative circle. The event was executed successfully with the valuable co-operation of all home masters/ mistresses and other teachers. Concludingly. I would say that organized in a nice way and we will try to do much better in near future Thanks

Nisha Tripathi (CCA.Incharge)


Today on 8 December12 an inter house cricket competition was held on Stadium competition was divided into two section i.e. Junior and senior vice versa. There were four team each in both sections named Agni,Jal, Prathvi & Vayu respectively. All the matches were very exciting and Agni House beat Jal House in the Final from senior section. In the Junior section Agni House become the winner of match by defeating Vayu House

Nisha Tripathi (CCA.Incharge)


Today on 8th Dec 2012 Kho-Kho tournament was organized for the students of VI to VIII. The Tournament was held at school ground students took great interest in KHO-KHO and the event was held successfully with the valuable support of teaching staff. First there was a semi-final matches played between Vayu and Prithivi and Agni Vs Jal. Prithivi and Jal houses won their semi final matches and reached in final match. In which Jal House won the match.
There was another tournament i.e. cricket.


Today on 8th Dec 2012 a Hurdle race was organized for the students of III to V. The race was organized at school ground children took great interest in race and the event was held successfully with the valuable support of teaching staff. Manoj patel of class IV from Prithvi house got 1st rank while Raghav Agrawal of Class V from Jal House secured 2nd place and Aditya Shivhare of Class-IV from Vayu have got 3rd rank in hurdle race.
The competition was organized with a great enthusiasm of students & teachers


Today on 8th Dec 2012 a Zigzag race was organized for the students of class-I & II Students. The race was executed in school ground students were very much interested and enjoyed the race a lot Dev Mishra of Jal House secure 1st rank where as Shrasti Agrawal of Prithvi house got 2nd rank and Raj Dewedi and Yashika Ratnani of Agni have secured 2nd rank.

Parents Day

On 28th Jan Parents day is celebrated in school. The program was organized in Assembly hall. It was an effort to honour the parents and make them realize their specialty. In this occasion many competition were organized among students. An speech competition was organized among parents. The program was started by fashion parade. Students were dressed as famous personalities and Kirtan Tawat of jal House got 1st rank and Hanshika Sachdeva of Jal House got 3rd rank. There was also a story telling competition in which karishma Dutta of Jal House got 1st rank.Deepali Dixit of Prithivi house got 1st ran & Liesha Shetti of Vayu got 3rd rank. A long with storytelling house wise flower decoration competion was held in which Jal House stood 1st Prithvi Stood 2nd and Agni Stood 3rd .Students also took part in houses were essay writing competition moving ahead it was the time for parents Speech comp. At the end principal mam thanked the parents by her speech.
I would say that the programmer was organized in nice way.


Today on 15th February Basant Panchami was celebrated in school. Students were dressed in yellow color in order two feel the joy and piousness of this festival. Students lunch box also had variety of yellow color food. The festival is celebrated very happily between student and teachers. Many religious Bhajans were sung during celebration to spread happiness between teachers and students.



Today on 18th Feb a house wise Science exhibition has been organized in assembly hall. It was a nice effort to educate the students about science and its uses in our daily life. Students have prepared different science modals from their respective houses. There were different models like wind mill, water harvester,etc In which students have utilized their knowledge at maximum level. The visit to factories also helped students in preparing the modals. Teachers also shared their experience with students and ultimately it was a wonderful event which was exercised successfully with the efforts of students and teachers.