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Exam Time Table

Flashing Messages

Somya Agrawal D/O Mr. Sunil Agrawal
3rd Rank In School 88.2%
(NEET Rank 11989)

Notice Board

Dear Parents
PTM will be held on Monday (29/10/2018) from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Classes will be dispersed at 10:00am on Monday (29/10/2018).
Thank You

Holiday Notice

Dear Parents

Diwali Holidays will be from 05.11.2018 to 12.11.2018. Classes will resume from 12.11.2018 (Monday), according to the winter schedule. Class timing shall be 8:15am to 1:30pm. Happy Diwali



Dear Parents, This is to inform you that, if your ward does not appear in all the examination and submit their projects and assignment in time, then he/she will fail in the respective subject. Please pay attention to this and send your ward to school for appearing in all the examinations. Every student should attend the class regularly. If their attendance becomes less than 75% then he/she cannot appear in the final exam. Students, who absent themselves more than 5 days in a month without any medical certificate, will be fined Rs. 100 per day of absence.

PTA Meetings

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Clubs & Associations

DNA Club

Shealing Public School is a member of the DNA club [ run by the Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India and the National Science Academy.] which comprises of the leading schools of MP, UP and Bihar. Its motto “to save the environment and to save the planet earth” is an encouraging factor for our work. Eco Club, Science Club and Maths Club of the school are working as part of the DNA Club.

Prefect Board

The Prefect Board forms the backbone of life in Shealing Public School. Students who excel in scholastic and co-scholastic activities will be invested with a prefect badge. Students will be nominated to the prefect board as per merit, by a team of teachers. The maintenance of discipline, organization of activities etc. are the support factors of the prefect board.

The students’ affairs are managed by this Board headed by the School Captain and the Head Prefect. The Prefect Board is encouraged to manage their affairs independently, though under the guidance of the Prefect Board In-charge. The School Captain and Head Prefect serve as the link between the school authorities and the students’ community.

Literary Associations

English and Hindi literary associations are the student bodies which work in the field of English / Hindi literary activities. We believe smart work come from smart environment.

Health & Wellness Club

Health Club is the integral part of the system. We believe that a healthy mind lies in a healthy body and vice versa. Physical fitness club runs for those members who are interested in the activity of the club. Yoga and meditation classes are attached to the school activities.