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Exam Time Table

Flashing Messages

Somya Agrawal D/O Mr. Sunil Agrawal
3rd Rank In School 88.2%
(NEET Rank 11989)

Notice Board

Dear Parents
PTM will be held on Monday (29/10/2018) from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Classes will be dispersed at 10:00am on Monday (29/10/2018).
Thank You

Holiday Notice

Dear Parents

Diwali Holidays will be from 05.11.2018 to 12.11.2018. Classes will resume from 12.11.2018 (Monday), according to the winter schedule. Class timing shall be 8:15am to 1:30pm. Happy Diwali



Dear Parents, This is to inform you that, if your ward does not appear in all the examination and submit their projects and assignment in time, then he/she will fail in the respective subject. Please pay attention to this and send your ward to school for appearing in all the examinations. Every student should attend the class regularly. If their attendance becomes less than 75% then he/she cannot appear in the final exam. Students, who absent themselves more than 5 days in a month without any medical certificate, will be fined Rs. 100 per day of absence.

PTA Meetings

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School Discipline

Dear Parent,

Following measures are being strictly implemented in school.

  • School gates will be closed at 08:15am sharp for VI-XII Class students and at sharp 09:00am for I-V Class. Thereafter,no student/teacher/visitor will be allowed inside without permission of the Principal/Shift Incharge.
  • The visiting hours of the school (to be strictly adhered to)  are given below :-
    07:30am - 04:00pm Monday to Friday

    Parents are requested to consult school diary for rules and regulations for interview with Principal / Co-ordinator / Shift Incharge and communicating with teachers.
  • All students will compulsorily carry identity cards issued by the school and slung around their neck/suitably displayed.
  • All students will be dressed properly in the specified pattern of school uniform.  Undersigned and Vice Principal will check the same during their rounds.
  • No student will carry mobile phones or electronic gadgets to the school.  Surprise checks will be carried out atleast once in a week for students of class VI to X and atleast twice a week for classes IX to XII on regular basis. Mobile phones and other electronic items are prohibited gadgets and will be confiscated and destroyed by a board of teachers. Parents of such students will be informed in writing.  In case of default again, appropriate disciplinary action will be initiated.
  • Attendance of students will compulsorily be taken in each period by the teachers themselves. A student who was present in the morning but missing / absent, without the permission of proper authority, will be reported immediately to the Shift Incharge or to the undersigned.
  • It will be mandatory  for the parent to inform the class teacher / tutorial head in writing / telephonically if the ward is required to miss the school / class on a particular day.
  • A team of two - three teachers in rotation has been detailed separately by the Shift Inchage and Coordinator Primary & Secondary Wings respectively to keep an eye on the students in School Play Ground, Canteen Area, Rear Boundary and other sensitive areas during the recess breaks and immediately after school hours. Teachers are also put on bus duties to ensure proper dispersal after school gets over.  Any indiscipline while in the bus or while boarding the bus will call for disciplinary action.
  • All students must respect, obey and cooperate their Student’s Council.
  • The school  seeks your cooperation in ensuring adherence to all the above rules.

Yours faithfully,
(Mr. Roychan K.M.)